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Konnect Customer Management

Customer preferences across the world are changing drastically with advancements of communication technologies. In the modern era customer service has transformed into overall customer experience management and has now become a compelling differentiator for a business. The need for alternative geographies to operate from, the availability of multi channel service and the vast number of clients are the major challenges. Konnect Customer Management offer innovative and valuable services which goes beyond traditional Call Center Services across the globe.

Customer Loyalty and Retention

In the modern business world customer loyalty and retention have become a vital metrics. While meetin customer demands many companies fail to manage Stress, Talents and Profits. Konnect BPO offers the best solutions and will take care of your business and clients with well-tuned services below.

  • Sales Management
  • Retention Management
  • Post Sales Services
  • Customer Experience Management Services
  • Compliance Management

Office Space for a small/ medium type business

Office space gives you space to think, work, meet and connect. And it is where you stay productive. Konnect BPO will provide you customized office spaces as per the need and cost.

  • Short/Long Term Office Spaces
  • Virtual Office Set-up
  • Day Use Offices
  • Conference Room Facility
  • IT Support

Customer Account Services

Maintaining customers and their accounts under the cost has been a difficult task for the companies and it is mandatory with the regulations. Konnect BPO offers the best Customer Accounts Services to take away the stress and focus more on your business.

  • Lead Generation & Qualification Process
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Lead Generation
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention

Virtual Office Solutions

A business address and a local contact number answered in your company name can make all the difference. A virtual office is ideal if your business is ┬ánew, small or if you’re working from home. Konnect BPO will handle your calls and manage your mails effectively but at the lowest cost.

  • Professional Business Address
  • Email Handling
  • Web Chat Support
  • Conference Rooms
  • Lobby with free Wi-fi

Contact Center Solutions

Customers are increasingly empowered by social media where a negative customer service story will be viral with a mouse click. Delivering a satisfying customer experience is the top priority to any business but the responsibility of managing that experience has never been easy. Bring it on us, In this digital era we will protect your clients more than you do.

  • Multichannel customer center solutions
  • Outbound Customer Center Solutions
  • Inbound Customer Center Solutions
  • Work Force Management
  • Call Recording Solutions